Sunday, 23 October 2016

I am a model American...

The Midtown Atlanta skyline, as photographed by me on the way to explore a thrift shop. I went to the thrift shop! Very exciting. It wasn't quite as much fun as in that lad's video when he's got the fur coat and the friend with the pink suit that dad thinks is a good idea, but an interesting adventure. 

And I saw this on the way..."Shoot Happens", a gun shop. Only in America. It's bizarre how normal owning a gun seems to be- everyone's dad seems to have on, and to use it. Hunting is much less of a posh person's thing, nearly everyone seems to have gone at some point and to have enjoyed it. 

Which maybe is why you can buy something like this for the house. What even is it? Besides tasteless tat, obviously...

I found this funny little park the other day. It must be something to do with the Olympics they had here way back when, but it's such a strange thing. A triumphal arch and a pond in the middle of a housing area for no apparent reason. There were some people taking family photographs at one end, who frowned a bit when I tried to get this picture, but it's a free country; I'll photograph the park if I so wish. 

This little fish is called Larry, and he is part of my most recent drawing project. 

We had to draw this corridor (boring) and then put in some things that didn't belong there, so I put in four angel fish. I am definitely a model student-artist-athlete. Last week, after winning the race in NC I was national runner of the week! This was pretty exciting, because no one from SCAD has ever done that before. Since the drawing teacher gave me a proper mark for the fish drawing and I got full marks in our mid term test, I've now got As in all my classes, which is a nice thing. 

This weekend we went up to South Carolina for another race, but the afternoon beforehand we went to the beach! We very nearly didn't get to go, because the hurricane had caused all sorts of damage, making parking difficult, but we got a few minutes on the sand anyway. The water was so warm! Who knew the Atlantic could ever be warm? 

The beach was actually a bit dull. It was so, so flat, and there were no shells to be found, but we had a good game of frisbee, and I got thrown in the water twice (angry face). Getting there, we basically drove from Atlanta to Savannah and then up a bit to get into SC, and it took SO LONG! There is just too much space in America. We stopped in a place called Dublin on the way as well- the real one, I am assured. None of this British fakery. 

This was just in one of the service stations we stopped at for petrol on the way home. We stopped twice for fuel going each way, which can probably tell you something of the distance we drove. Google says 280 miles, and we only just left Georgia. Craziness. 

This was our first race up against the hated Milligan College, and I am sorry to say they beat us. But only by one point, and as a team we were not having a great day. I've been ill, and ran 17.54 feeling like a dying person, Olivia sprained her ankle pretty badly and dropped places falling over. At conference, in two weeks' time when we're up against them next we apparently have quite a tough course, so their lead girl, Hannah, who is a phenomenal 800m runner will not be able to just open her stride and run away from everyone like she did yesterday. Even our team average time was faster than theirs, and if you removed all the runners from the race who aren't a part of our conference, we beat them by two points. Basically, I think we're going to beat them in a few weeks and ruin their 13-years-long conference champion streak. And I'm going to kick Hannah Segrave's backside off the course :)

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