Friday, 11 November 2016

Bet you didn't see that coming?

That man won the Presidency...and the House...and the Senate, but we can still be happy, because my team won our Conference Championship! This is quite a big deal. Milligan College, our big rivals had won it thirteen years consecutively, and were pretty smug about it. They beat us at Sand Shark by just one point, and their coach was going around saying "well done" to us in a way that just screamed "you losers". So we kicked butt on them. Our team are all fairly exhausted, I think we all want the season to be over so we can sleep, but now we've only got Nationals left. The Milligan girls were NOT HAPPY when they had to go up and collect their awards for second. Coach is really proud of us, because apparently this is the second-best team they've ever had; the best team being about ten years back when they came third at Nationals, so it's not like they were even running on diminished strength. And we beat them! There's a photograph someone has got somewhere that I will have to try and find to put up of the moment someone's dad called through to tell us that we'd won, and we're all screaming. On the day it was actually Gabby who won it for us (she's the girl on the far right of the photo in the highlighter-yellow top), she put in a crazy finish to move up about seven places, and we won by three points! 

Here we are, with our banner of glorious triumph. We are planning to hang it up from our tent every time we're at a race with the Milligans, just to wind them up. 

And here is the back of my head with our banner. We're not actually sure if we were allowed to keep it, but we ran away with it anyway. I suppose the Conference wouldn't have much use for it now, because it does say '2016'; they couldn't exactly hand it out next year. 

In other news, here is my latest drawing. Isn't it pretty? The drawing professors made fabric ghosts in the classroom and them put stage lights on them, and we had to pick an angle and draw them. This is a strange drawing, which never quite photographs how it looks, but they really liked it in class. I got a 97, which is my best mark so far. It was funny actually; on the days we hand in we do a 'critique', which effectively means everyone pins their work on the wall and says things like "I really like the composition, maybe they could have made their shadows a little bit darker", or something equally meaningless, and then the teacher gives an actual analysis. They held a moment of silence for mine! Nobody said anything, they just looked at it. The drawing class are easily impressed, it would seem. It's a good drawing, but not THAT good. 

In other, other news, last weekend after Conference, some of us went wandering up to the North Georgia mountains to a place called Helen, which is turns out is some bizarre little town in the middle of absolutely nowhere decked out to look Bavarian. They call it 'Alpine Helen' and they have Oktoberfest and all sorts. 

Outside Helen there is this lake, surrounded by the trees, and it all looked a lot prettier than my camera has recorded. It wasn't really steely grey, all the colours from the leaves were all over the water. As my mum knows, I like to pick up leaves, so we went up on some of the trails in the hills behind here, and I probably collected a whole tree. 

Look at them all! It was actually the first time I have seen the freaky spiders that Treasa was warning me about before I came. On the trees that had no leaves the horrible things had been building webs and webs and webs and it was really quite nasty looking. A tiny one was on the roof of the car and it could stand up on its back legs! I do not need that in my life. It was so, so pretty though. All the colours everywhere, and hardly any people. We went for a short, slow jog and took in nearly a quarter of all the elevation we ran last week!

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