Monday, 16 January 2017

Back on the track

I've been back here about a week, and there isn't that much to report. Today is Martin Luther King day, something of an American bank holiday. The weather cannot decided what it's about. The very first day I was back it was genuinely chilly, but since then it's gone back to being the 25-degrees and sticky sort of Atlanta weather I remembered from the Autumn. It feels like it needs to thunderstorm, but of course it doesn't even rain. All the grass has died off since I left as well, so now everywhere looks parched. One of the guys said that we were in an official drought last term (which makes sense given the massive fires that happened in the north of the State just before we left), so maybe they've had a hosepipe ban or something.

Running in the heat is a massive slog; I'd just about got used to the British cold and now I'm going to have to re-acclimatize to this. At least we're racing indoors at first. All the Atlanta locals think we're mad. I was chatting to Greta yesterday, and she's come back from massive snow in Colorado and thinks wearing shorts and flip-flops is totally normal, but all the Atlanta people are in jeans and jackets! I don't know how they don't melt! They even have an ice rink in Atlantic Station!

I must confess I haven't really been taking pictures. Coming back late into term, I've been quite busy catching up with school. One of my courses is basically painting, and I'm a really slow painter, so that's taken a while. My new drawing project is slow going as well- I've done a bit more than the one in the picture, but it's all got to be done with 'linear mark making', rather than shading (although we're using black ink pens, so shading isn't possible anyway) and it takes FOREVER. At least it looks nice. So the only photos I have from the last week are selfies the boyfriend sent me, and they don't really match my college goings-on.

I have a new person to share a room with, which is all right, although I think we would have both been happier if we'd have known about it beforehand. She keeps some very strange hours; coming in at 3am, or even 7am and then sleeping all day. It wakes me up, which I freely admit I resent. I don't know why we have to share rooms, or who on earth decided that was a normal way for people to live.

They're having an open call for models for the end of term fashion show currently as well. The minimum height for a girl? 5 foot 7. The maximum height for an Emily? 5 foot 5. I am really not happy about that. Curse my short genes. Compared to a lot of the girls around here I think I'm taller than average anyway (they're very short), so God knows where they'll get enough tall people from. The most annoying bit of the whole thing is that the blokes only have to be 5 foot 10, which isn't even that tall!

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