Sunday, 26 March 2017

Up and up and up

This picture has very little to do with anything else in this post, but it's funny. For my drawing final we had to create a collage including a self portrait and one of someone else, and then draw a picture of the collage. Don't ask me why, I don't come up with this stuff. The whole project was ugly as hell, but I drew a picture of myself which wholly embodied my attitude to the drawing. It's ugly, but at least it's amusing. Coloured pastel is not a media I want to ever have to use ever again.

In happier news, we had spring break, and my Michael came to see me!

Here is a picture mostly of his face, looking very over-excited about something. I don't think there's another person alive on whom a museum mostly devoted to monetary policy would have such an effect. What a strange boy. We got up to some fun stuff, and some running (he doesn't find that very much fun). He also got rather excited about being able to use Uber over here, apparently there are never any drivers at home. I don't really understand- surely it's all just taxis?

This place is a bit worrying; it's the Centre for Disease Control, which is just behind Emory University, where I was racing. This is one of only two places left on earth where they hold Smallpox. The other one is in Russia, which really doesn't leave me feeling very safe at all.

On the other hand, this place is amazing. Georgia Aquarium, in downtown Atlanta. If any of you people are ever in Georgia you really ought to go. They have Whale Sharks and these huge rays and a massive cinema-screen kind of sized glass wall that you can see them all swimming around behind. I really could have stayed there all day and watched them swimming around.

Here he is again. I had never realised quite how big all these fish were, or how graceful. I have A LOT of pictures from this fish window, but the rest of the world probably don't want to see endless fishy photographs, even if they are beautiful.

Running news though, and big news! We had races at Emory both this weekend and the last, and I ran two PBs in the 1500 and the 800 both weekends! And I have entered into the sub-2.20 800 club! Okay, so it's not that fast in the grand scheme of things, but I am famously disastrous at 800s and I honestly never, ever thought I'd be this quick. 4.34 and 2.17, and I'm happy, especially with the 800 time. I'm starting with 5000 on the track now, so if I keep working, when I get home in the summer hopefully I can get that 1500 down to under 4.30 and that would be really great! Next race in two weeks, and we must all pray for good weather, because apparently it's a fast track and I want a fast 5k time.

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