Saturday, 13 May 2017


Here is some funny news; I am officially an elite 2000m runner! Not a 2000 steeplechase or anything that sensible, just a flat 2k, that well-known, commonly raced distance. Somehow Coach got me into this 'elite' event, which apparently had qualifying standards of 9.35 for the 3000, or something like that. Basically quite a lot faster than I am. I was kinda nervous about it, especially after I got there and found he'd given me a 6.12 seed time. Two 3.06 kilometres seems pretty quick, right? There was eight of us in the race, all from Atlanta Track Club except me. Above is a nice picture of me really not matching, and looking madly nervous on the start line. We ran, I came third (pretty damn surprised) in 6.22, which still seems pretty fast. After that Foon and I did a 200s workout, which was painful, but I felt like such a serious running person doing a session after a race. 

This is a really bad photograph, I'm sorry. It's hard to get a proper one because it's glass. It says "2016-17 SCAD Atlanta Athlete of the Year - Emily Kearney". Pretty cool. We had an awards ceremony for all the sports people, so all the Coaches got up to talk about how their team is definitely the best team in the school (we had the most to say, because we're really cool), and then I got athlete of the year! It was very embarrassing though, because Coach had told us to dress nicely, so I was in a pair of heels and I fell over going down the stairs to pick up the trophy and swore in front of most of the senior faculty. #smooth

In other news, Foon is graduating, which I am very upset about, and he is going on an enormous world tour next year (he wants to go to the South Pole!) so he won't be here, which is even more upsetting! But he gave us all some beautiful photographs that he had taken, including this mega mega cute one from when Ma and Pa came over here back in November. I cunningly chose to stand on tip-toe so I look tall. I showed this to one of my mates and he genuinely thought mum was my sister, so with a bit of luck I'll get those genes....

I found a bookshop! This is actually a story of great success, because I sallied forth to purchase a book, and wandered down to Georgia Tech (I might have said this before, but GT is the Georgia counterpart to MIT, but they miss the 'Institute' bit because that would spell 'GIT'). This was an absolutely brilliant idea, because I got a book priced at $9.99 and somehow paid $8.70 for it even after tax. The guy behind the counter must have thought I was a GIT person. We had a little flash flood on the way home, and I got more soaked than I had ever been before ever, but it was definitely worth it. 

And I have hayfever. So upset. I dunno what it is, some nefarious species of tree or something, but I can't go outside without sneezing all over the place. This morning I sneezed coffee out my nose in a particularly tragic hayfever attack. I would love to say at least there was no one there to witness it, but alas this was not the case. I may never live it down.

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