Tuesday, 23 August 2016

3 days to go!

Back from Paris! It's such a beautiful place. Not great for running though- I don't know if it was my watch, or the buildings, or being in a busy city, but the signal refused to load until I was abut 15 minutes in, down by the river so I just didn't turn it on. My Strava log for the last two weeks is a bit off...I have been doing my 50 miles, honestly. 

But it's three days until America! It's finally actually happening! Roll on the sun! I've been in contact with Greta; my soon-to-be room mate, and she seems quite nice. And at the end of the day, three months away is not really any different to what would be the case even if I was just going back to Edinburgh. 

Training-wise I feel quite good. I did too much kettlebells yesterday, and everything hurts, but we did a good run yesterday evening with Simon and some of the men. Seaside run tomorrow, maybe.

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