Thursday, 25 August 2016

Speed, speed, speed

It's a bit of a cliche to witter about being 'on the form of my life', but I am doing quite well...

Sacked off the Seaside run because although it might be nice, it's probably better for me to do actual set training. So it was 4x800m, target time 2.47. Actual times 2.36, 2.36, 2.35, 2.33, and it didn't actually feel THAT difficult. Hopefully this can be kept up when in the US of A.

Thinking about fast people, dad was having a look at our competition yesterday. The big rivals, Milligan College don't appear to have been signing freshers of quite the same calibre. Average 5k time of 22-something. Ours is likely to be more like 18-19. They do have one very, very fast girl, but we think our team ought to pack a lot better and (hopefully) smash them into oblivion.

It's tomorrow! Oh God! And I've only just started packing...23 kilos doesn't seem like a lot to be taking for AGES, but there we go. It's $100 for overweight luggage- because I totally have that hanging around, you know. It will be hot hot hot in 'lanta, and shorts don't weigh that much. My grandma asked me what I was planning to take with me, and the easy answer to that is everything I never took to Edinburgh.

Coach said it would take about an hour to go through customs and baggage reclaim and so on. Atlanta airport is apparently the busiest in the world, but how big is the place? Seriously? Starting to wonder if the jokes in Terry Pratchett books about the enormity of everything American might be more truthful than they sound. 

And I'm starting to be nervous about it, finally. Yikes. But to make everything better, this is my swimming pool. Be very jealous.


  1. You should see the size of the spiders! Great update, looking forward to many more! :-)