Wednesday, 31 August 2016


My new shoes! Are they not beautiful? And the coordination happening there...getting ready for fashion class.

An update on the crazy American driving situation. Trying to cross the road is terrifying. Apparently it's illegal to cross the road at a place that isn't a designated crossing, which I keep forgetting. Illegal road crossing is referred to as 'J walking'. Fun times. There's also this thing where the cars can turn even on a red light, which makes crossing even worse. And there aren't always lanes marked in the road. Terror.

On the American jabber; they'd never heard 'pavement' before, and the other day when the sign proclaimed free sweet potato chips, I was left looking somewhat askance at my bag of crisps. They pronounce pecan as 'pehcaan', which very nearly required Google translate services.

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  1. Haha Em love reading you're blog you write so well! When I went to New York I got a massive mouth ulcer and we (my friends and I) went to the pharmacy to try and find something for it, spent ages walking around the aisles cracking up at all the names of the medicines😂 Turns out an ulcer is called a canker, so I got me some canker cream, and don't get me started on the the 'douche wash' we found. Hey we were 21 and these little things do amuse! So if you ever get a bit low Over there Em take yourself off to one and muse away half an hour 😘