Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Cultural learnings of America

I think the biggest cultural difference I've noticed here thus far is the driving. It was in one of my old history textbooks that the car was representative of American ideas of freedom, or something like that, and people kept telling me before I arrived that over here 'the car is king'- but quite literally people drive everywhere. They'll take the car for a trip up the street that would be less than 5 minutes walk. Driving is always preferable to walking, which seems bizarre for a running team.

Yum yum yum 
These then are the best looking toffee apples I've ever seen. Wows. We took a trip to Atlantic Station, which is a Liverpool One style shopping/food/entertainment complex for tea, and then we saw these. The shop guy was the loveliest ever and gave us some gratis <3.

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