Monday, 5 September 2016

Jumping in the river. That sounds familiar...

Chattahoochee River, Atlanta
Not much has happened since our race, except the discovery of Which Wich- like Subway; you pick sandwich ingredients, but so, so much better in every way. Yum yum yum. Saturday was a rest day, Sunday an easy run of about an hour. Yesterday we went out to Little Five Points; an area of the outlying city very much like Quiggins in Liverpool, just spread over a small village-like area. If you don't know Quiggins, you're not missing out. A bit too hipster for me, but I did get a Pogues vinyl!

Today was our first looong run (11 miles) besides the Chattahoochee River. What a name. I had been really excited to go running by the river, dreaming about long, shady paths and a quiet space to enjoy a peaceful nature run. Maybe not. It turns out the trail is only about 6k- you run out a bit and then do a 5k loop, so the whole thing turned into an exercise in turning off my brain and trying to keep going for 80 mins. What nobody mentioned was that after 7 miles they were going to throw a casual tempo run in, so we suddenly dropped down to around 6.30 miles. It's doable, but thanks for the forewarning!

So when we were finished I was knackered. But then we got to go in the river! There was a sign for alligators when we were on the trail, but the guys said there might be one...maybe, but really we're too far north for 'gators. Thank god. The river was really lovely; warm enough that I could have been tempted to go for a proper swim if I'd had any spare clothes. We're going back there on Saturday, and I'll bring towels.

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  1. Hi Em, your grandma sent us your contact blog, Uncle Lowell says watch out for snakes in the river. Enjoyed your Blogg take care xx