Sunday, 11 September 2016

Room for some small ones

The front of our main college building

Dad said people might be interested in my room...doubt it. Probably just him being a nosy biddy.  Maybe people thinking about doing this American thing. I promise you it's not very interesting. One thing that is worth noting though is that this room that we're in came very nearly unfurnished; beds, desk and stool and one chest of drawers each. Having spent the last two days helping people move in, it is very normal for people to bring the whole house with them, or order it in from Ikea. That's the kind of thing I would have thought might have been emailed to us- I'm pretty sure we were told what would be in our rooms in Edinburgh prior to moving in, but no one has commented on it, so I can only assume it's standard practice over here. We even had to buy pillows and shower curtains and bins. I'm alright because I didn't bring a lot of stuff with me (13kg of running clothes in a suitcase), but I've seen people moving in chairs and shelves. Greta, my room mate went and bought a collapsible wardrobe.

Another thing, room mates are the norm. I know at home people can share rooms, but I've not met anyone who did so. Here, everybody does. Some of the girls on the team have their own flat and they sit share rooms in it. It's alright, our room is big enough that it doesn't feel squished. But that said, we're actually in a three-person room with just the two of us, and another person in here would be nasty. We're on the top floor of the building, which is great because they seem to have filled it from the bottom up, so there are still some empty rooms up here, and it's peaceful.

So yeah, that's most of our room, as seen from the door. It's long and thin, so it doesn't photograph very well, but you get the general idea. Two beds, two desks, some drawers and then a bathroom behind.

That's my bed and my shoe collection, which represents most of my worldly stuff at the moment. Fam, take note of how neatly those shoes are kept. Bet you don't believe they're mine. It's not quite the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, but we don't spend very much time in our rooms. We do spend quite a bit of the day at the pool. Because we have a pool, and it's fantastic. When it's mid afternoon, the aircon is giving you a headache and it's 34 degrees outside, the pool is heaven. So much love. The best thing about it is that it's only really the sports teams who go in it, so we can jump around and splash and not worry about upsetting people who might be doing something as banal as swimming.

What a beautiful view

  Last night we went to a lantern festival on the Beltline (like the Wirral Way; a long path that used to be a railway), and I took loads of really terrible photos. My camera can do night time, or it can do motion. Both together is not achievable. This one of some sort of phoenix float is honestly the best of the lot. And we stayed up late! Until eleven! Scandal. But we had no running today, so such luxuries were available to us.

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